What people are saying about Jane Borgehammer and Synergy PT:

Rich W.

I had severely injured my back while preparing to sail 1500 miles on the open ocean.  I was for all practical purposes, immobilized by pain.  I went to several appointments with a chiropractor, massage therapists, and finally, my own doctor upon getting back to the states a week later.  I had been prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxers which mitigated the most extreme pain, but did not help me to function.  The next step was a pain shot directly into my spine, of which I was reluctant.  Instead, I wanted to get to the root cause and see if I could fix the underlying problem.  My daughter had gone to Jane Borgehammar for physical therapy with great results, so I called and she scheduled me in right away.

Jane spent a good hour examining me and concluded I had a disc pressing on a nerve root.  This was later confirmed by an MRI that my doctor ordered.  (Jane went so far as to accompany me to my doctor to discuss what she had found with my doctor so they could be on the same page.)  Anyone who has had severe back pain will tell you about the debilitating effects it has, not only on your health, but your mental state as well.  I thought I would never be able to be pain free again, much less sail again.  Jane, as it happens, is a sailor.  She told me she would have me sailing before the sailing season ended (we were just starting the season.)  In addition, she tailored the exercises to prepare me for physical activities I would see on the boat.

At that first examination, she manipulated me such that the pressure was relieved from the nerve root.  It was the first time I was out of pain in two weeks.  Through specific exercises, Jane was able to undo the adjustments my other muscles made to compensate for the pain and in a very short time I was walking upright.  The pain down my leg was gone.  I was back sailing before the season ended, and my mental state was again one of optimism.

I can’t convey adequately how much Jane affected not only my health, but my outlook on life.  She basically gave me back my passion for sailing and made me take responsibility for my health.  I rarely make recommendations, but I would whole heartedly recommend Jane for physical therapy.  Not only does she have the scientific knowledge, she has the human touch that makes the patient want to work hard to improve and heal themselves.